Conference notes

NOTES taken from The Future of Fintech conference 2019 presented by Engineering Investment Group

Canada Fintech Environment: Oligopoly Big 6 banks: More control and regulations, higher fees, less choice, less competition compare to US and Europe Too big to fall. Canadians trust and are loyal to the big banks Canada is a smaller market, so B to B > B to C business Fintech Future opportunity/ Challenges: Open bank, […]


Why do we spend money?

I was sorting my old things and stumble upon this interesting page. What’s your top 3 reasons? I think it depends where you are in our life. As for me, I spend money to make money, save time and attract the opposite sex. SimpleMoneyInvesting.


Cashflow Quadrant.

Finished reading Rich Dad, Poor dad. The idea is to educate yourself in financial literacy and change your perspective about money. I looked online for the famous “Cashflow” board game. To be honest, $60-100, a bit expensive, but would give it a try at a board game cafe. Googling on the net, I found this […]


Mutual fund search criteria

Mutual fund is a good investment choice to start and build a strong core to the portfolio. Here are some tips to find the best funds… Mutual funds research Mutual funds criteria for screening: Star rating: 3+ Series: A, B Categories: Equity funds Total fees: o   Management fees: less than 1.5% o   MER: 1.0% – 2.5% o   If load: Front-end Load o   High trailer: 0.75- 1% Year fund open: More […]


How much should I buy per trade?

The other I was wondering how much should you purchase of a stock to maximize the trading fees of buying and selling it out. The idea was to see how much % return should you earn just to cover the trading fees cost. e.g.: If you buy 200$ of a stock, you get charge around […]


Electrical Vehicle underlying pollution cost

Interesting to see that building an EV car consumers more energy than a regular car. Therefore, depending on the region it’s built and the type of energy source it requires to run it, it could become more polluant than non-EV cars. Nevertheless, if the sources of energy reach a certain level of clean energy, then […]


Globe2go – Distribution and ACB

Globe2Go – Distribution and ACB <- click to see Interesting article on funds distributions and how it affect ACB. Challenging to explain, but important for tax purposes. SimpleMoneyInvesting.


Globe2go – Women investing ideas

Globe2go – women invest <- Click to see PDF Interesting article by Globe2go. It gives some ideas to invest in companies where women are more represented in the workforce. #WomanEmpowering. SimpleMoneyInvesting.