EverGrow Price Prediction 2023-2030: Will EverGrow Coin reach $1 penny?

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If you’re curious about Evergrow price prediction then you are at the right place, this article will provide valuable insights into the future prospects of EGC.

We will also look at some latest development on EverGrow and take a look at the token price rationally and see if it has the potential to touch a penny in value.

Key Takeaways
  • The upcoming solution of Atlas Wallet will offer low fees and quick transaction times, presenting a significant improvement over existing alternatives.
  • The technical chart does not look very promising for the EGC token at this point in time.
  • it is expected to probably hit a high of $0.0000004100 by 2025.

EverGrow Current Market Outlook

The present value of EverGrow Coin stands at 0.00000008, positioning it as the 713th cryptocurrency in terms of ranking. The circulating supply of EverGrow Coin is currently 464846.38 Billion contributing to a total market capitalization of $0.04 Billion.

EverGrow Coin (egc)
All Time High/Low
Market Cap
$0.04 B
0 B
Total supply
464846.38 B
Max supply
1000000 B
Circulating supply
464846.38 B
Last updated on: 06/24/2024

EverGrow Historical Price Performance

In the past 24 hours, the price of evergrowcoin decreased by -3.74%. Over the past 7 days, evergrowcoin has shown mixed performance, with a decrease of -6.22%.

This week, evergrowcoin is struggling with mixed signals, which might be an opportunity to invest if you are considering buying evergrowcoin. However, do take a look at the technical analysis before confirming the trend.

Please note that price data is updated every 24 hours.

Change %
Today -3.74%
7 Days -6.22%
14 Days -14.79%
30 Days -15.07%
60 Days -21.59%
200 Days 100.60%
1 Year 94.16%

EverGrow Market Sentiment

Sentiment: Bullish

This is the market sentiment as on : June 25, 2024 . The Sentiment data is updated every 24 hours.

Understanding EverGrow ( EGC)

Evergrow Coin (EGC) is a stable coin rewards token that allows users to earn Binance USD (BUSD) by holding EGC coins in their wallets.

It was launched on the Binance Chain in September 2021 by Praveen Rai (marketing specialist) and Ajeet Singh (Blockchain Developer), with backing from Sam Kelly, a prominent figure in the European financial world.

EverGrow’s primary objective is to establish itself as a top-20 crypto project while revolutionizing the concept of passive income in the Web 3.0 movement. With a global reach spanning 150 countries, EverGrow has garnered a strong community of over 139,000 holders and an extensive social media following of over 100,000 members.

EverGrow advocates a different perspective on passive income, offering a simple approach that allows holders to earn rewards effortlessly.

By holding EverGrow tokens (EGC) in their crypto wallets, users can benefit from a continuous stream of passive income through the project’s groundbreaking blockchain-based tokenomics system.

This innovative approach sets it apart from traditional passive income sources like rental properties, royalties, or stock dividends. Initially, rewards are generated based on the total EGC holdings, triggered by every Buy, Sell, or Transfer activity.

EverGrow is committed to further enhancing its passive income ecosystem by introducing a suite of revenue-generating utilities, providing additional opportunities for holders to maximize their earnings.

The EverGrow coin ecosystem encompasses four primary areas of focus:

  • First and foremost is LunaSky NFT Marketplace, a platform dedicated to showcasing innovative and unique NFTs. This marketplace serves as a hub for artists and creators to present their groundbreaking digital assets, enabling them to reach a wider audience and participate in the growing NFT movement.
  • The second component is Crator, a social media platform tailored for the EverGrow community. Crator integrates cryptocurrency payments, providing users with a seamless experience for engaging with others and conducting transactions within a decentralized environment. This social media platform aims to foster connections and interactions while embracing the potential of cryptocurrencies.
  • The third aspect of the ecosystem is Atlas Wallet, which holds significant promise for EverGrow. This self-custody wallet addresses a persistent issue faced by many other cryptocurrencies – long transaction processing times.
  • EverGrow’s team has diligently worked on a solution, and recent news suggests they have successfully resolved this challenge within the Atlas Wallet. This achievement marks a significant milestone and has the potential to positively impact the growth and adoption of the EverGrow coin.
  • Lastly, EverGrow explores the realm of abstract virtual reality (VR) metaverses, showcasing its expertise in this emerging field. The EverGrow ecosystem aims to carve a niche within the metaverse space, offering unique experiences and opportunities for users. By venturing into this realm, EverGrow aligns itself with the growing trend of cryptocurrencies entering the metaverse arena.

The combination of LunaSky NFT Marketplace, Crator, Atlas Wallet, and the exploration of abstract VR metaverses represents EverGrow’s comprehensive ecosystem.

EverGrow ( EGC) Technical Analysis – June 25, 2024

  • Limited technical data available for EverGrow
  • Coin appears to be experiencing a significant downtrend
  • Unlike other cryptocurrencies that have recovered in 2023, EverGrow shows no strong support on the chart
  • The current situation suggests a “wait and watch” approach
  • It is crucial for the coin to establish a solid support level before considering any positive momentum
  • At present, EverGrow seems to be in a state of free fall.

EverGrow Latest Developments 2023

  • The EverGrow team has solved a hidden issue in UniSwap and is developing a custom solution for Pancakeswap, addressing problems that many wallets are not aware of, which has been costing users money.
  • They are working on integrating a secret partnership to provide an excellent off-ramp solution for users in the US, particularly due to temporary restrictions imposed by US providers.
  • The upcoming solution will offer low fees and quick transaction times, presenting a significant improvement over existing alternatives.

EverGrow Price Prediction: Quick Summary

Here is a quick summary of EverGrow Price for coming years.

YearMin PriceMax Price

EverGrow Price Prediction 2023

In 2023, EverGrow is expected to have a minimum price of $0.00000004100 and a maximum price of $0.00000009700. This indicates a potential range for the coin’s value throughout the year.

EverGrow Price Prediction 2024

For 2024, EverGrow’s price is projected to fluctuate between $0.0000001100 and $0.0000002400. This wider price range suggests increased volatility in the market, presenting both potential risks and opportunities for traders. It will be crucial to closely follow market trends and developments to make your move into the coin.

EverGrow Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, the price of EverGrow is anticipated to stabilize within a narrower range. The projected average prices are expected to be around $0.0000003500.

EverGrow Price Prediction 2026

Continuing its growth, EverGrow is projected to experience price fluctuations between $0.0000004500 and $0.0000006900 in 2026. These price movements indicate a potential increase in volatility compared to the previous years.

EverGrow Price Prediction 2030

Looking further into the future, by 2030, EverGrow is predicted to have a price range of $0.000002500 to $0.000006800. These higher values would obviously depend on how the crypto adoption pans out in the coming future.

Is EverGrow Token a Good Investment?

If you are considering EverGrow as a long-term investment, it may not be the opportune moment to invest based on the current technical indicators. Throughout the year, the coin has experienced a decline in comparison to other cryptocurrencies that are performing relatively well.

However, there is a positive aspect in favor of EverGrow, which lies in the progress made by the Atlas Wallet. The team has made significant advancements in addressing payment issues and attracting potential users to the platform. Despite this positive development, it is advisable to adopt a cautious approach and closely monitor the token’s performance over the next few months before making a long-term investment decision.

Will EverGrow Coin Reach $1 Penny?

The short answer is No. Based on the current scenario and analysis, it is highly unlikely that the EverGrow token will reach a penny in the near to medium term. While it is challenging to make long-term predictions for cryptocurrencies, the available indicators and analysis suggest that hitting a penny is improbable at this time.


Will a EverGrow reach a dollar?

No. There is no way EverGrow can reach a dollar in value. For that to happen its market cap will have to go in trillion and that is close to impossible looking at all the available data today.

What price will EverGrow reach?

Based on our certain assumption and keeping a postive outlook around crypto we believe the prices for EverGrow ( EGC) could reach 0.0000004100 by 2025.

What is the long term forecast for EverGrow coin?

EGC Price Prediction

Here is a quick summary of the long term forecast for EverGrow coin.

Disclaimer - Please note that these predictions and analyses are for informational purposes only. We recommend our readers conduct in-depth research before investing in any cryptocurrency and follow risk management techniques due to the highly volatile nature of the crypto market.

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